Story so far…

Our focus since starting the project in 2014 has centred primarily on the research and development of the i-Bell. Whilst we had a decent working model when we originally launched our successful crowdfunding campaign two years ago, we encountered various issues upon consulting with manufacturing partners in the build up to mass production and have been working on improving certain aspects to ensure the production run will generate reliable and robust units to satisfy our customers. To put it simply, we weren’t happy to release a product we believed could be improved to offer the highest quality smart doorbell possible. Rushing the product to market isn’t in our (or our customers) best interest.

Over the last two years, we have worked very closely with our software and electronics engineers, product designers and manufacturing partners to resolve any of the quality issues we encountered with our early models and now have a version of i-Bell we believe to be 99% ready for mass production. For full details on some of the key aspects we have worked on improving during the research and development phase of the product’s early life, please refer to the Status & Updates page.

We know that everyone is eagerly awaiting the product launch and we can’t express enough our gratitude for everyone’s patience and support in the build up to our first mass production run. We’re very nearly there and look forward to bringing everyone the product we promised would wow us all.

For a full update on the product’s status, please refer to the Status & Updates page.