Further meetings with ODM to discuss review for “productionising” models for manufacture and tooling design/timescales.September 2016


Redesign of part of server code to reduce latency and increase robustness following troubleshooting with server engineers.

August 2016


Engaging with ODM partners to initiate tooling design for mass production.

Technical and manufacture design files sent to ODM for pre manufacture testing.

July 2016


New model batch build process started.

Testing and troubleshooting latency in connection time with app developer partners and server engineers.

June 2016


Redesign of internal speaker housing and microphone acoustic shield following audio review. Integrated into new models.

Testing of updates to speakers and microphone.

New button design completed and implemented.

May 2016


Analysis of updates required for next models following testing and review.

Audio review of tested models with specialist acoustic consultants.

April 2016


Finalising new model external casing order.

Assembling, testing and review of new model..

March 2016


Microphone selection and testing following input audio quality review.

Internal PB connector changes to improve ease of assembly process.

February 2016


Updates to the texture of the main switch button and feel of the press-click effect.

Model units built and assembled with new PCBs and exterior casing following updates to design.

Speaker selection and testing with specialist acoustic consultants in Paris.

January 2016